DaishoCon 2019

This year was my first Daisho at Kalahari resorts in Wisconsin Dells. Let me just start by saying this con is a BLAST! There are SO many things to do at the resort and a ton of amazing cosplayers to meet!

I debuted my Raven cosplay as well as my swimsuit Robin cosplay at the con.


We spent most of the day at the waterpark on Friday. After getting some pics I changed out of cosplay to actually get on the slides.

Swimsuit Robin was a success!

Canโ€™t wait until Stranger Things season 4!

Friday night we headed to the arcade to get some pics of Raven.

Unfortunately my belt broke halfway through the night but Iโ€™ll definitely get that fixed to do this cosplay again.


Saturday we spent most of the day in the arcade. We had a great time playing games and it was a great spot for photos.

At the con on Saturday we got to meet CowButtCrunchies! It was so cool meeting them, they are amazing cosplayers!

It was fun debuting Pennywise at a con after only wearing them for Halloween. The teeth got really annoying but I was happy with how my makeup turned out for the day.

Overall we had a great time at Daisho, my only regret was falling asleep before the rave but thereโ€™s always next year!

Until next year!

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