Cosplay DIY: Mayor of Halloweentown



For Halloween last year I decided I wanted to try something different. As a cosplayer Halloween can be simple as well as complex. Because I have so many costumes to choose from I’d be simple to throw on a past cosplay but it can also feel like a time where you have to have the most creative costume because it’s what you do.

I’ve always loved Nightmare Before Christmas and it’s one of my favorite movies ever so I decided to be The Mayor of Halloweentown. Because I also spend a lot of money on cosplays in general I also wanted to make this costume on a budget. The total costume cost me about $10 because I was able to use a lot of items I already had at home.



Lamp shade: $4 Thrifted

Acrylic paint: owned

Craft foam: owned

Black hat: owned

Spider: $5 Halloween store

Ribbon: $1 Christmas Bow- Dollar Tree

Blazer/shirt/ skirt/shoes: owned

Other: Glue, tape, cardboard / EVA foam




The Head:


For the mayors head I bought a lampshade at my local thrift store. Using a reference photo I painted both sides of the mayors face (faces?)

Trust me, I’m not an artist so this was a little challenging but once you get the basic shapes done is just a matter of filing everything in. I drew everything out with a pencil and then painted with acrylic paint.









For the mayors button I used a Christmas bow from the solar store and some foam. I bought a spider from a Halloween store and used some string to make his spider bow tie.




For the Mayor’s very large hat I started with a hat that I already had and I used craft foam and spray paint to make the full hat. I used contact cement to hold the foam in place and then spray painted everything black. I cut out an extra piece of craft foam for the stripe on the hat and cut out a circle for the top.

If I ever wear this costume again I’m definitely getting a megaphone. šŸ™‚


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26 thoughts on “Cosplay DIY: Mayor of Halloweentown

  1. This look like a fun costume. And wow, I love how pretty and cute this costume in just $10. You saved a lot of money rather than buying on stores.


  2. You are very talented and creative! I love this costume; I may just have to make this for myself this coming Halloween!


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